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(Archive) Tales of Late Night Snacks

An invitation into an imaginary landscape and workshops by ‘Red Bean Paste’, three East-Asian artists/designers, at NOR in Strijp-S

This project was part of DDW 2023

Step into a whimsical and dreamy landscape at NOR restaurant in Strijp-S, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Red Bean Paste, a trio of East-Asian artist-designers, cordially invites you to experience the magic of "Tales of Late Night Snacks."

An Invitation to "Tales of Late Night Snacks"

What is your favorite late-night snack? Do you have special memories associated with late-night snacking? Whether it is the smell, the taste, or the warm atmosphere of a shared midnight snack with loved ones... we invite you to visit and share your stories during our event.

Three artist-designers from Taiwan and South Korea, a collective called Red Bean Paste(RBP) share their story pieces, workshops, and real snacks. Explore their unique perspectives and creative expressions, and perhaps find inspiration in their journeys.

Take a moment to savor the sweetness of life. Join us for a delightful interlude and experience the joy of late night snacks. Discover the delectable flavors and textures of East-Asian treats that satisfy both your palate and your soul.

Tea Food Workshop "My Sweet Little Monster"

Start your morning with us for a delightful journey into the world of sweet shapes and colors, where your imagination comes to life as a sweet little monster!

RBP invites you to join two exciting dessert-making workshops. Release your creativity and learn sculpting techniques to craft your very own monster. RBP will provide a selection of pre-made body components as a starting point for your creation. By the end of the workshop, you'll have not one but two hoguozi(和菓子)* monsters to take home: your own unique creation and another lovingly prepared by RBP.

To complete this sensory experience, NOR restaurant will specially prepare a tea that perfectly pairs with the sweets. Enjoy a harmonious blend of flavors and textures as you savor your delicious creations and sip on a soothing tea.

10:00 - 11:30 AM
23rd and 27th of October (MON & FRI)


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* Hoguozi(和菓子) is the Taiwanese adaptation of Japanese Wagashi, a delectable bean paste dessert filled with seasonal flavors and adorned with intricate sculpting craft.

About "Red Bean Paste"

Red Bean Paste(RBP) is a collective gathered to craft dreams and share stories through sensory landscapes. The name "Red Bean Paste" draws inspiration from the rich tradition of red beans used in East Asian countries to create a wide array of delectable sweets, soups, and drinks. This simple ingredient symbolizes the diverse possibilities and loving energy found in the collective's work.

Within this collective, three visionary artist-designers collaborate to weave intricate tales and explore the boundaries of art and culture:

Yesum Yoon breathes life into objects of various scales and creature-like forms, weaving them together to create a captivating visual storytelling of her imaginary landscape.

Shin Yang, a Taiwanese artist, is at the heart of the critical examination of cultural identity, decolonization, and geo-politics.

ShiSoH is an artist and a designer who delves into the intricacies of daily life and the underlying social mechanisms that shape our world.

Together, these three individuals infuse their work with their unique perspectives, drawing from shared cultural backgrounds and a belief in the power of storytelling.

Tea Food Workshop — © Yesum Yoon