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Re-imagine a picture of Wealth

Activating an inner dialogue to invite questioning of the assumptions behind the definition of success, opening up a space for collective enrichment.

What is Wealth? — © Ghalia Naseer with the assistance of DALL·E 2

Deep-rooted assumptions defining wealth are taught to us from childhood, framing our life-long definitions of wealth. Our project catalyses reflection & offers personal spaces for alternative experiences via embodiment. Collective wisdom then trains a natural language model to re-imagine true wealth

Shifting the undercurrent of our society

When the desired output is a harmonious world for all earthlings, we must understand imbalance in our current society/s and which principles form the current norm.

Our observation: almost every organization, institute and individual household are preconditioned systems where the growth of monetary wealth in an indication success.

With this in mind, it's a given outcome that significant initiatives to stimulate change for the better are hard to get roots in new areas when the strong undercurrent of wealth only moves in one direction.

We believe that allowing the flow of this undercurrent to trickle in its intentional and naturally intuitive direction will lead to fertile soils where thoughts of new directions can sprout.

You are invited to shape our shared values together

This conversation catalyst is intended for those who believe in the power of the collective coming together to shape our shared values.

In an interactive sensory conversation, we hold space for you to stand still, to personally reflect, to take a breath, to question. You are invited to remember what you have always known to be of value to you.

On a collective level, your contribution lays the foundations to open up a space to enrich the measurement of success.

After this session, you will walk away feeling enriched.

Practical information

We are looking forward to having this dialogue with you. Different people, different ways of expression. Therefore this personal experience comes in different forms:

...We offer a space for a personal and private interview, where you participate with your own words.

...We offer a Virtual Reality Insperience, where you participate with your own visuals.

...We offer a sensory experience, where you participate with your own sounds of life.

You are invited to reserve your 45-minute experience at

Although English is our shared working language, we can offer Dutch and Spanish-speaking facilitators as well.

Each participant's experience is recorded for our wisdom database. Thank you for changing the flow with us!

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About The Great Realisation

We are a living ecosystem of heart-minded people, a philosophy and a movement. We believe we need to change the way we define our own self-worth and worth in others. Our goal and aspiration is to create spaces where people can experience a different way for themselves. Only through personal experiences will one believe. Our flow is based on the principles of universal wisdom. We create our immersive experiences by combining art, technology and education, inspired by the wonders of life on Earth.
What is Wealth? — © Catalina Saenz