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(Archive) Divide Unite

A room divider where the design is determined by the available waste material.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Many shapes of — © Charlotte Visser

Our vision in this project is to create awareness about the value of reuse. The result of this can be seen in the series, Many shapes of. During DDW we will show the translation in a room divider where the design is determined by the residual waste in collaboration with MONDiLAB.

Use of shapes

Our project began with a research on materials, waste and recycling, which resulted in a series of flat artworks with 3D elements. A series that consists of a triptych, which stems from earlier graphic work. It is a translation of our work in the flat printing surface to an XL 3D wall panel.

In the serie of which this triptych is part. We have used different materials. The whole series consist of works with different types of paper, textile, wooden panels, cardboard and carpet. Made from new and recycled materials. With the shapes we have, we are puzzling. We reuse all the remaining waste and incorporate it into new prints.

In this serie we use layers that together forms a landscape. Through the different layers. Depth is created. The playful shapes and use of color, characterizes our style.