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Live session where heart synchronization is stimulated between a group of strangers with the use of heart rate data.

HEARTSYNC sessions in De Effenaar

The rhythm of your heartbeat varies throughout the day. Every person has their own unique heart rhythm. Yet, the heart rhythms of people can synchronize. For artist Nino Basilashvili, this is a symbol of a deeper connection between people.

What does a session look like?

Ten people can participate in the interactive installation. They sit in a circle and wear heart rate sensors (ear clips). Through a soundscape and a voice-over, participants receive instructions.

The visual patterns that surround you at the start of the session as light circles on the ground are initially individual, based on your own heartbeat. As synchronization strengthens, increasingly complex geometric patterns emerge in the middle of the floor, connecting the participants as a group, a self-reinforcing effect.

"People's reactions vary greatly. Some immediately open up and fully immerse themselves in the experience. Others tend to stay in their heads or can't get past their own judgments. That, too, is human. What I hope for is that we feel much more attracted to each other than divided."

Want to participate?

Heartsync starts at 11:15 AM and is offered every hour. Pre-registration is not possible. Tickets are available on the day of the event at the reception of the Philips Museum. The maximum number of participants is 10 people. Each session can accommodate an additional 30 spectators in the room. The recommended age for Heartsync is 15 years and older.

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Nino Basilashvili creates interactive installations through which she allows people to experience a deep sense of connection. Her installations take the form of performances in which collectivity and new media play an essential role.
Centre area, Philips Museum, Emmasingel 31 , Map No. F3
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
Wifi available
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