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10 designers

This exhibition is showcasing different living scenes embracing the hands on, dynamic workshop space we have. Each designer is presenting his perception of an interior space. Collaboration-O, more than a collective is a group of individuals, who through strong story telling, concepts and ways of materialization express their own universe and message.

About Collaboration-O

Collaboration-O exists already since 14 years, as one of the first industrial buildings of Sectie-C that was transformed into design studios - it settled the fundations of Sectie-C as a design center. The foundation and its members all have a saying and role more broadly in sectie-C in how they want to maintain a dynamic and young creative scene there.
Sectie-C area, Collaboration - O, Daalakkersweg 6 , Map No. I9
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Partially Wheelchair Accessible
Dogs allowed
Toilets available