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Ministerie van OCW x Ideate

Discover the land of the future teacher

Ideate B.V.

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Discover the land of the future teacher and see how challenging, diverse, and flexible this profession is. This journey of discovery takes you through different areas that will stimulate you to reflect on your own qualities.

In search of the Teacher of the Future

Students in secondary education have an incomplete picture of what being a teacher entails. Both the study and the profession feel like too narrow a choice with few development opportunities. This while 91% of primary teachers are satisfied with their jobs, and 95% in secondary education. What opportunities are there to get more people excited about the profession?

To achieve this OCW and Ideate used a design-based approach in 2023 to develop behavioural interventions. In the project, OCW and Ideate engaged in mass co-creation with many partners, experts, students, teachers, mentors, deans, and school administrators. This is how we came to recommendations for campaigns and interventions that will help increase enrolment in teacher training programs, position the profession attractively, and enthuse students with a talent for teaching for the profession.

Step inside our installation, where our insights will take you on an inspiring journey of discovery - in search of the teacher of the future. Discover the challenges, the diversity, and the development paths within education. Might you be that future teacher?

About Ministerie van OCW x Ideate

This booth is a collaboration of the Ministry of OCW x Ideate.
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science works towards a smart and creative Netherlands every day. Unfortunately, the teacher shortage is a growing problem that puts pressure on these ambitions. That is why the Ministry works together with schools, municipalities, and other parties. Ideate is a design agency working in the public domain. Together with our partners, we turn complex social issues into behavioural interventions.

Ideate B.V.

Ideate B.V.

Ideate B.V.

Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 1, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. C1
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