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(Archive) The ManyTree

What if we could 'build' trees?

This project was part of DDW 2023

'The ManyTree' by arboreal architect Josh Russo-Batterham explores a new typology for urban greenery: A hybrid tree; half-built and half-grown. This prompts us to think differently about how use and value greenery in our cities, and challenges us with the question "what if we could 'build' trees?".


Our cities need greenery - we all know this. It makes people happier and healthier, makes our cities more comfortable and more inviting, and has environmental benefits such as shade and biodiversity. Most cites feel they need even more greenery than they have now.

But - how do we do it? Where do we put it? How do we manage it? Do we put trees on balconies, or close down streets to create parks? What happens in the 15 years it takes a tree actually reach maturity? And how do we do all this while negotiating all the other complex and dynamic qualities of a city? And how do we manage the greenery in the our cities as the climate itself is changing?

How we keep our cities green the decades to come will require both new innovative technical solutions, and design experimentation.
Technical solutions to create new opportunities in complex urban environments, and to build new climate-adaptive solutions.
Design experimentation to better understand the social and cultural impacts of greenery in public space. This is something that evolves over time, and is critical to guiding the design of our urban spaces to suit it's inhabitants.

A hybrid solution