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inside his workshop: the current collection and new additions.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Tannic Acid Plate 99 — © Pierre Castignola

Explore Steven Banken's workshop, where he presents most of his current collection alongside new additions to the Tannic Acid Series and a new furniture piece.

Tannic Acid

‘Never use steel nails in Oak‘ was the advice of Banken’s grandfather. He was a carpenter and blacksmith and forms the basis of this project. Oak contains high concentrations of tannic acid, which turns dark blue when it’s exposed to steel. The same happens with steel, as a result of a chemical reaction between red iron oxide and tannic acid. To accelerate this normally undesirable process the elements that cause this natural transition are applied in liquid form on the other material.

Tannic Acid series of Steven Banken reveals the exceptional similarity in color of two radically different materials after the natural transition.


Wood has a visible memory. Its surface shows traces of time passing and thus, tells us a story. With the project I-Joist, Steven Banken opens up a new chapter in this story. I-Joist revives the traditional use of joists as a high quality construction material, combining aesthetic appeal and strength. Every joist is registered with a serial number, which tracks down information on age, location and size of the tree from which it is made.

Copper Lamp

A cool led light reflects inside the copper pendant lamp. It creates a clear light center which is surrounded by a warm copper semblance. Walnut parts fits precisely in the ends of the copper tube. The parts are shaped on the same type of machine, the lathe.

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Tannic Acid Dresser — © Steven Banken

Copper Lamp Black — © Pierre Castignola

Interstice Stool — © Joost Govers

I-Joist cabinet