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At Spirit Level

This solo exhibition by Bas van Raay invites a digital-life escape, while rediscovering your inner self.

At Spirit Level — © COVA Art Gallery

COVA Art Gallery proudly presents 'At Spirit Level', an exhibition by Bas van Raay that offers a break from our digital lives and encourages you to reconnect with your inner self. Amidst the noise of algorithms and online connections, At Spirit Level offers a unique chance for reflection.

From tools to art objects

Industrially crafted spirit levels, assembled deliberately, invite you to look more closely, creating a moment of introspection. The journey unfolds with a new narrative—a process that starts with form studies. Sketches spring to life, wooden blocks are being stacked, and spirit levels are gathered for experimentation. A blend of form and function is maintained; while retaining its spirit level utility, the tools smoothly transforms into wall art.

Each object, a testimony to this devotion, seeks to resonate with its beholder. Forged within a personal workshop, the artist's ‘sanctuary’, every piece is nurtured into existence.

In balance

More than an exhibition, 'At Spirit Level' initiates a dialogue between your spirit and the tangible world. In an era dominated by fleeting interactions, it's a reminder that true satisfaction arises from deep connections—with others and with your own essence. The precision of these spirit levels mirrors the need for balance in our inner lives, urging us to reconsider our priorities.

At Spirit Level’ extends an open invitation to partake in a journey that values authenticity, introspection and true connections in a world longing for depth.

About Bas van Raay

COVA Art Gallery highlights original, contemporary art to the public. Rooted in our distinctive curation, we engage collectors, visitors, and art enthusiasts in our journey. We provide a platform for the unexpected, sparking discussions about everyday life.

At Spirit Level — © COVA Art Gallery

Bas van Raay — © COVA Art Gallery

At Spirit Level — © COVA Art Gallery

At Spirit Level

Strijp-S area, COVA Art Gallery, Philitelaan 73 , Map No. C18
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
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