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(Archive) EXIT 2023

Textile and fashion graduate student exhibition 2023

This project was part of DDW 2023
Mia Lehtonen Madsen — © Alva Nylander

The Textile and fashion graduate students exhibition 2023, the graduation show of the Swedish School of Textiles, University of BorĂĄs, materializes innovative visions of textile and fashion futures.

Creating the future

Nowadays, the fusion between sustainability and design thinking lays the foundation of most artistic professions. Likewise, we see it demonstrated in the textile and fashion design graduates’ works.
Each interpretation of a better tomorrow expressed through textiles and fashion is unique and opens the viewer’s imagination to new uses, experiences, and perspectives.

By analyzing the different design approaches, we can distinguish many voices and nuances led by artistic curiosity and imagination. The student’s degree works 2023 dare to embrace impressive trajectories for future design; they tackle with ambition areas such as digitalization, personalization, transformability, and forms of craftmanship in a way considerate to their profession, to nature, and society, speculating on a sustainable tomorrow through the lens of textile and fashion design.

Carolina Jerhov — © Alva Nylander

Emilie Palle Holm — © Alva Nylander

Josefin Åberg — © Alva Nylander

Kelly Konings — © Alva Nylander