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(Archive) Sense(s) of care

See and hear how Philips designers transform healthcare with sound, vision and experiences

This project was part of DDW 2023
Sense(s) of care — © Philips, Olga Surawska

The ever-changing world of healthcare is full of devices that you can touch, hear or see. Underneath it all, there are systems that must work together.
Join our events at the Philips Museum and online, to get a grasp of how Philips designers transform healthcare – with people’s needs at heart.

Temporary exhibition at the Philips Museum

How can sound play a role in a patient's recovery? How can a surgeon view and reach a heart, without invasive procedures? How can a personalised care pathway improve a patient's heart health, in and out of a hospital? And how can best practices shape the future of all Philips products?

Join us at the Philips Museum in Eindhoven to see a selection of designs that have been recognized by winning global industry design awards.

Virtual design talks

If you are unable to come to check out our exhibition, or you simply want to know more, you can tune in to our live design talks! You will be able to hear from the designers themselves, to learn how they work together with patients and professionals to transform healthcare.