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(Archive) Liminal Spaces

This project was part of DDW 2023
Selection of some of the student's projects

A group of MA students from Lund University School of Industrial Design explored the chimerical in design, while another explored sensor technology with industry partner Sigma Connectivity. Both groups found surprising overlaps, and both projects informed each other.

Liminal Spaces

A Chimera is absurd, bewildering, possibly even scary. A sensor is useful, innocent, until it is used in a context. At first, both projects developed independently, but soon, students discovered that both may overlap, and there is more than meets the eye. The use of sensors can be absurd. A chimerical product may be genuinely useful.

The designs shown range from kitchen utensils converted into usable musical instruments, to mirrors that teach sign language; from social commentary to gun violence, to a historic Swedish kitchen bench that transforms itself into an autonomous living space.

All projects were executed by the students themselves as fully working prototypes, including electronics and mechanics.

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