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(Archive) EMBRYØ

all of us, encoded

This project was part of DDW 2023
EMBRYØ — © Photo by Nicole Schwarze

An exploration of craft in an age of digitization.


The digital realm is evolving and expanding exponentially. The world as we once knew it has changed, for better or worse. We find ourselves increasingly split at the precipice between physical and virtual dimensions. Considering what it means to be hooked into our many flat-screened devices – translating, encoding, and imprinting ourselves into these synthetic spaces – EMBRYØ dissects today’s divided yet oddly interwoven human.


In this circuit of five terminals, each is fitted with a respective emblematic critter and a primary cable plug. These are knitted in twisted stitches of binary code. When plugged in, the cords connect to a central being. When activated via AR (Augmented Reality), the pieces come to life. Based on cold-blooded, egg-laying creatures, they warp the grids of their respective platonic geometries and resonate at different energetic frequencies of color. The gecko corresponds with the eight-faced octahedron, the silverfish with the twenty-faced icosahedron, the snake with the twelve-faced dodecahedron, the ant with the six-faced hexahedron (cube), and the dragon with the four-faced tetrahedron. EMBRYØ makes a return to original alchemical elements of the universe in an attempt to get a grasp on our new realities.

Photography by Nicole Schwarze

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The Bodysuit — © Photo by Nicole Schwarze

Silverfish Terminal — © Photo by Nicole Schwarze

Snake Terminal — © Photo by Nicole Schwarze

Silverfish — © Photo by Nicole Schwarze