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(Archive) Solar Sands - Lighting Collection

Introducing the Aureole Collection | Where Artistry and Innovation Converge

This project was part of DDW 2023
SUN V_3 | Aureole Collection — © Rollo Studio

A collection where light becomes a medium, as it creates an intricate dance of contrast & colour. Welcome to the Aureole Collection - where artistry and innovation merge to create an avant-garde series of wall-mounted lighting pieces that transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraterrestrial.

An Ode to Nature's Intricate Beauty

Inspired by the complex forms of the sunflower's inner disk flowers, the Aureole Collection is an ode to nature's intricate beauty and a testament to the studio's biophilic design principals. The aim was to explore spiralled structures that intertwine with each other, folding and curving to create layers of depth. Each lamp has its own unique surface geometry to distribute and diffuse light and shadow in different ways.

As you move around the lamp, the spirals seem to gravitate, pulling you into their mesmerising embrace. But it's when you stand directly in front that the true magic unfolds. The pattern harmonises into a visual synchrony, leaving the observer without a clear focal point, the experience becomes almost hypnotic.

The Aureole Collection isn't just about lamps; it's about crafting extraordinary art pieces. These experimental creations are born from the fusion of cutting-edge 3D printing technology and the enigmatic beauty of black sand. Like celestial sunflowers in a cosmic garden, these lamps exude an otherworldly aura, invoking a sense of wonder and mystique.

This collection challenges conventions, blurring the line between functionality and artistry.

SUN V_3 | Details | Aureole Collection — © Rollo Studio