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Interwoven: LUCA meets LUCA

For the first time, students from Luca School of Arts Ghent (textile design) and Genk (productdesign) come together and have their work intertwine.

Interwoven Luca meets Luca — © Karel Op 't Eynde

Students from Luca School of Arts Ghent (textile design) and Genk (product design) meet for the first time during the Dutch Design Week in 'De Fabriek' in Eindhoven in a group exhibition where they intertwine their graduation projects where the objects play a central role.

Innovative design and art practices take place in the synergy between art and design.

Innovative design and art practices take place in the synergy between art and design. All these graduation projects are embedded in a broad research framework within the domain of art and design, and the overlaps that arise between them. For example, textiles are not only seen as a material, but also as a medium for propagating cultural values, meanings and the spirit of the times. Product design is used as a search for identity, as a visual representation of socially critical issues and as an exploration of a sustainable future. The themes that are discussed are diverse and relate to various contexts in which textiles and design play a role. The projects display playfulness, contrariness and critical reflection. They view their discipline as an open medium that mixes with other disciplines and responds to the complexity of the world. Reality and imagination go hand in hand and sometimes even take a leap into the unknown of science fiction. The meeting of these two disciplines invites dialogue and exchange.


Aitor Christiaans | Emma De Leeuw |Lena D’hoore | Kato Herbots | Leto Keunen | Renieke Meyfroot | Karel Op 't Eynde | Madelief Peet | Naomi Pols | Yanni Timmerman | Onas Uytdewilligen | Henri Vanhaerents | Cato Vermeulen

About LUCA School of Arts

LUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary educational and research environment where creative talent can develop and develop artistically, performingly and technically. LUCA offers more than fifty study tracks in Audiovisual Arts and Techniques, Visual Arts and Design, Interior & Product Design, Architecture, Music and Drama. With this wide range of professional and academic courses, it is a reference in higher Belgian art education.

Aitor Christiaans — © Aitor Christiaans

Naomi Pols — © Naomi Pols

Kato Herbots — © Cato Vermeulen

Cato Vermeulen

Hallenweg area, De Fabriek, Baarsstraat 38 , Map No. E3
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