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(Archive) Dialogues of the Unheard

Stories that matter

This project was part of DDW 2023

Design has the potential to serve narratives that have been underrepresented. We design to cultivate greater awareness. The works by six visionary young designers are crafted with this precise purpose in mind: to amplify and bring to the forefront those dialogues that have long remained unheard.

Listen closely, look closer

The show highlights stories that are often not listened to. The projects focus on underrepresented and overlooked stories, engaging in a dialogue with each other and the visitors.

Coming together

“Dialogues of the Unheard" is a collective exhibition featuring a group of recently graduated designers from Design Academy Eindhoven. The group is diverse in cultural backgrounds and practices, what brings them together is the urge to speak up for the overlooked and unheard.

Six Perspectives, Many Media

Different media converge to amplify these ideas and ensure they are heard. Installations ranging in format from furniture to video draw attention to the topical choir. Each work for itself makes another topic tangible.