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Environmental Amnesia

Environmental Amnesia

This installation invites us to reflect on the complex relationship between technology and nature. It aims to bridge the gap between the planet we stand on and the virtual world we inhabit, all while investigating the underlying motivations for our longing to reconnect with nature.


The digital world keeps us from engaging fully with our environment, acting as a powerful tool for online connection and expanding our horizons. However, as our attention increasingly gravitates towards the digital realm, we risk distancing ourselves from the richness of our own living environment. In this context, it becomes crucial to explore how we can bridge the gap between the planet beneath our feet and the planet inside our machines, ensuring a sustainable future for the next generation.

Amidst this exploration, the installation focuses on the intricate details of nature, offering a unique perspective. Rather than showcasing an idealized portrayal of pristine landscapes, it delves into fragmented environments. By delving into the digital evolution of the nature, this installation invites us to reflect on the complex relationship between technology and nature, urging us to rethink our place in the world and the ways we interact with our surroundings.

About Madelief Kok

A Dutch graphic designer based in Utrecht (NL). Recently graduated at the Graphic Design Department of the University of Arts Utrecht.

She uses her practice of graphic design and 3D art to create a connection between the physical and digital world. That results in the fields of identities for brands, events and artists, editorial design, scenography, 3D visualisation and installation art to experiment with and create unique and effective visual expressions.
Jonna Bruinsma
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