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(Archive) Silence is the presence of everything

This project was part of DDW 2023
Ricky van Broekhoven

In our contemporary world, where sound pollution is prevalent, 'Silence is the presence of everything' is an immersive installation that invites the visitor to reconnect to earth's natural soundscapes.

Soundsystem for silence

In our contemporary, post-industrial era, the
audible impact of human activity is widespread, and places of true silence, undisturbed by sounds that are unrelated to earth’s acoustic system, have become increasingly scarce. We resort to noise-canceling headphones to shield ourselves from the noise pollution we ourselves create. Consequently, we've become disconnected from the natural acoustic environments that once enveloped us.

Myubio opens the doors to their lab, bringing 'Silence is the presence of everything'. An installation that conjures sounds that emulate those found in nature, with spatial depth and intricate layering. It creates audible worlds that burgeon, transform, and gradually evolve, made possible through a custom built sound system comprising 96 distinct sound sources. It offers a pathway to rekindling our connection with the natural acoustic realm, urging us to listen and reevaluate it with fresh ears.