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brick walls and brick curtains and brick blankets

Material translation of old bricks from the demolished barn into new architectural and interior elements

brick walls and brick curtains — © Anwyn Howarth

The project is part of an ongoing investigation of bricks, focused on their ecological, architectural, and social aspects. Brick Works aims to narrate new ways of brick and architecture making and production of , made from bricks, objects, and materials.

Brick Textile / collaboration with Natural Material Studio

Brick Textiles from which the works have been crafted is a material produced in collaboration with Natural Material Studio. The first phase of the research was launched at the Alcova 2023 exhibition during the Milan Design Week.

Crafted bricks

The objects presented at the exhibition are handcrafted. The material was printed, knitted, painted, and extruded to produce surfaces of different visual and technical qualities.

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About Zuzanna Skurka

Designer, craftsman, researcher, and material translator. In her transdisciplinary practice, she works on translations between materials, systems, and ways of understanding.

In the latest quasi-academic research, she analyzes modern brick production and proposes alternative tools to reimagine architecture.

brick walls and brick curtains — © Anwyn Howarth

Anwyn Howarth

Anwyn Howarth

Anwyn Howarth

Hallenweg area, De Fabriek, Baarsstraat 38 , Map No. E3
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