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(Archive) Nederland in 2148

Imagination of living residential landscapes showing the resilience of the Netherlands.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Impressie expositie — © Oscar Vinck

The Netherlands in the year 2148 will certainly not look like it does today. How will it? Students from the Garden and Landscape Design course have created a model for various areas of the Netherlands, based on six scenarios. Walk through the Netherlands of the future!

Long-term perspective

In 2148, the sea has penetrated far into the land. NAP (Normal Amsterdam Level) no longer exists; it has long since been replaced by NDP: Normal Deventer Level. You can no longer live everywhere, drive, produce food and take a walk in the woods. What then? Our imagination is the key to the future....

The entry from the Garden and Landscape Design course (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences) includes an installation that invites visitors to discover the future of the Netherlands through models. The models address the themes of living, working, recreation, infrastructure food production, mobility, nature and energy, each starting from a scenario chosen by the students. They show a physical elaboration for a dozen cities on the scale of the city or of "everyday life.

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Natural Renaissance NL2148 — © Oscar Vinck

Polder(r)evolution NL2148 — © Opleiding T&L, HVHL

Noaberschap NL2148 — © Opleiding T&L, HVHL

Impressie expositie — © Oscar Vinck