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(Archive) Radical City inc.

Explores routes to an alternative urban landscape

This project was part of DDW 2023

The Radical City inc. exhibition gives shape to a new climate-proof and nature inclusive city. Artists, designers and architects challenge conservative notions of city life and explore different routes to a new, future-oriented urban landscape.

Radical ideas for the city of the future

A series of evolving exhibitions provides the basis for an ongoing exploration of radical ideas for the city of the future. The exhibition at DDW 2023 is the second in a row. We also present Transnatural's (new) art & design collection work.

In this new urban landscape, the connection between people, nature, public space, objects and architecture is crucial and functions as one balanced system. The symbiosis also provides solutions to complex challenges of our time, such as drought, humidity, salinization, subsidence, pollution and endangered flora and fauna. This city interacts directly with its surrounding landscapes.

The exhibition presents conceptual works, artistic approaches and prototypes. A number of works will be or are actually realized and placed in public spaces. Thus, the city of Amsterdam is not only used as a utopian platform but sets the stage for the first steps towards the city of the future.

Natasja Alers (NL) / Mae Engelgeer (NL) / Theun Karelse (NL) / Rollo Bryant (UK) / Klarenbeek & Dros (NL) / Bram de Vos (NL) / Green Quays (NL) / VANTOT (NL) / Crafting Plastics studio (SK) & DumoLab Research and others.

Otterdam by Theun Karelse — © Marleen van Veen, Transnatural

Sunseeker — © Marleen van Veen, Transnatural

Uprooting Agro- systems, Bram de Vos

Sensbiom, Crafting plastics Studio