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(Archive) Roots collection

A collection result of a research that develops through experimentation

This project was part of DDW 2023
Kundalini chandelier L80 x V40 x H40 cm — © Ronald Smits

This collection It consists of multiple series of objects for the habitat. The chandeliers are handmade with ceramics extrusions, silicone modelling, plastics recycling, raffia weaving, metal casting and led light connections.

The Kundalini Chandeliers

A set of neuro-vascular connections, crossed by a living, powerful and ancient energy that permeates the surface of these sentient beings. Everything is connected and everything listens, everything is body and brain.
At the heart of the artwork lies a bronze rope, crafted through the intricate process of lost wax casting. Bronze, known for its durability and resilience, is a noble material with a rich history that speaks to its ability to withstand the test of time. Around the rope a twisting root unfolds encircling a series of ceramic and rattan segments that pulsate with dynamic energy and luminous light.

Raices Flotantes-Floating Roots

The work revolve around the idea that we are shaped by the objects around us just as much as we shape them.
It reminds us how our roots have the ability to float and find life and nutrients in many different soils, adapting to different environments, just like plants do.

Hidden Roots

is a contemplation and reflection on the moment in which one becomes aware of a difficulty.
Is the crystallization of a problem before it is solved, a look at its wonderful aspects, how it ripples the surface of one’s thoughts hiding and manifesting at the same time. Everything is asymmetric and irregular, unpredictable.

Hidden Roots coffee table detail L55 x V55 x H80cm — © Ronald Smits

Root wall lamp L23 x V25 x H45 cm — © Ronald Smits

Floating roots chandelier detail L50 x V30 x H210 — © Britt Roelse

Michela D’Angelo portrait with Extrusions