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(Archive) In the Works

A collection of experiments from the workshop of Atelier Max Lipsey.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Experimenting in the workshop — © Ronald Smits

Atelier Max Lipsey is showing some furniture experiments, in various stages of completion, from his workshop in the collaborative space de GRRRage.

The Workshop

The workshop, where things are made and materials are manipulated, can be frustrating, dangerous and expensive. Tools break, it's noisy, dusty and everything is heavy. Often things don't go as planned. But, maybe because of these circumstances, it can be a great place of spontaneity, experiment, and inspiration. For my work, there are ideas I would never find behind a computer screen. I have to go wrestle them out of the materials. There are also mistakes, wasted time, and a lot of learning. I hope to show a selection of all of these alongside some new projects in progress.