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Exploring the field of IN_


IN_architecture encourages students to search for the limits of themselves and the boundaries of the discipline.

Designing for a changing world

In a world that is constantly changing, a designer must always be able to relate to new questions. Today is quickly becoming obsolete. The designer has to look for the boundaries of the familiar, as the unknown quickly presents itself. This new reality demands a different designer than before: working from an inquisitive and open attitude.

The ArtEZ Interior architecture courses take a critical look at the environment where design, craft, storytelling and research are always in response to the other or to a social issue. Much attention is paid to the relationship between body and space and to the responsibility of designers for our environment, inside or outside, large or small.

About IN_architecture | ArtEZ University of the Arts

IN_architecture is unique in the Netherlands because we offer three interior design programmes at different levels (Associate Degree, Bachelor and Master), which makes it possible to progress to the next level.

IN is also unique because we are part of ArtEZ, one of the largest art schools in the Netherlands.
Station area, Design Perron, Fuutlaan 12 , Map No. G4
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