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Dutch Design Awards 2023

(Archive) Studio Carlijn Kingma

This project was part of DDW 2023


Those who do not speak the complicated financial language of economists and bankers are excluded from the
social debate about our monetary system. This stands in the way of addressing problems such as the growing
inequality and recurring financial crises. This is why cartographer Carlijn Kingma – in collaboration with financial
economists Thomas Bollen and Martijn van der Linden – made the world of money accessible with metaphors
and architectonic illustrations. If you compare money to water, then our monetary system is the irrigation system
that waters the economy. But our society’s waterworks are not a natural phenomenon: what they look like is a
political choice. Kingma visualises how our monetary system works and sketches possibilities for reform.

Carlijn Kingma

Sanne Donders

Iris Bergman

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Dutch Design Awards 2023

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Andere deelnemers

Dutch Design Awards 2023