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(Archive) Warm Protest

Wear the scarf, wear it out

This project was part of DDW 2023
Warm Protest scarfs — © Dana Dijkgraaf

We need to take better care of the earth. As an entrepreneur, Schipper Bosch aims to be an example and inspiration in the transition toward a more sustainable world. To make this mission tangible, they developed sustainable protest scarves with designers Dana Dijkgraaf & Floris Schoonderbeek

Field Station live at the Dutch Design Week

During the Dutch Design Week, they are continuing the Warm Protest project interactively. The Field Station, a self-sustaining and mobile workshop created by Studio Floris Schoonderbeek, serves as their base on Ketelhuisplein. From here, they engage with the DDW Community to gather new perspectives. What topics should we discuss? What changes do you want to see for a better future? And how can we bring about these changes? Topics such as biodiversity, inclusivity, or even futuristic ideas like living on Mars are all welcome. Feel free to join the conversation. Invited ambassadors who share their insights and protest images will be there to inspire you.

They will conclude DDW in the last weekend with a new design created on-site by Dana Dijkgraaf and curated by Floris Schoonderbeek and Schipper Bosch. The design will then be live screen-printed by professionals using biodegradable inks. Through this method, they aim to capture the essence of the creative community at the Dutch Design Week. Will you also join the conversation about a better tomorrow?

A multi-layered project

Warm Protest began with colorful scarves carrying three valuable messages:
1. 'Doei Groei' (Goodbye Growth): Do more with less. Every day we continue with the same old ways, we deteriorate our existence.
2. 'Symbioceen daar gaan we heen' (Symbiocean, there we go): It's time for a world where there's a balance between people, nature and technology.
3. 'Wij eisen ijs' (We demand ice): Not just for the polar bears but also for our children. We must combat climate change together.

This scarf, which you wear and embrace, makes the message literally tangible, integrating it into your daily life. With every choice, the scarf reminds you that you can make a sustainable choice. It also carries the message forward: by wearing the scarf, you make a statement and open the door for discussion. Together, we embark on a journey toward a better world, a quest filled with small steps and grand ambitions. In addition to scarves, there are also sweaters available, so you can contribute to meaningful conversations and make a statement even on cold days.

A broad collaboration

For the production of the scarves, a close collaboration was established with fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes (Hul le kes). He co-founded Hul le Kes with fashion designer Sebastiaan Kramer in response to the fast pace and polluting practices of the fashion industry. Through urban mining, they collected and repurposed second-hand sheets into scarves in their studio. Marieke Holthuis and Diederik Verbakel from BrightWhiteStudio, an internationally operating design studio specialized in fashion, added colorful screen printing to the scarves using eco-friendly water-based inks. For the sweaters, the collaboration was formed with Twee Jongens (Amsterdam).

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Warm Protest scarfs — © Dana Dijkgraaf

We demand ice — © Dana Dijkgraaf

Goodbye Growth — © Dana Dijkgraaf