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The Product Chronicles

Exploring the narrative of things that matter

Consumer society is running at full speed. The more we surround ourselves with products, the less value or meaning they seem to have to us. How can design today lead to products that will still matter tomorrow?

Meaningful relationships

The Product Chronicles explores how designers can address and strengthen the connection between user and product. How can design contribute to valuable products in the broadest sense of the word? And thus create a meaningful relationship between people and things?

Presenting work by:

- Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska // Diamond Makers Lab
- Antoine Peters // Hand in hand in hand
- Christien Meindertsma // FLOCKS wool roving in three dimensions
- Nienke Hoogvliet & Tim Jongerius // Kairos
- Noud Sleumer // Wind Pavilions
- Re-gained // presents: Simone Post x Sparo; Atelier Reservé x Boro Atelier; PTSA x UvA x Ahrend

The exhibition is held at Atelier NL's venue, the Bergmannkerk (church). During The Product Chronicles, Atelier NL will show their current work, sell tableware and samples, and present two social projects in collaboration with Residency for the People. The KoffieKopSalon 55+ involves local elderly people in live clay work in the studio, and "Amsterdam Table Ware" is a collaboration with local Amsterdammers, initiated by the Amsterdam 4 and 5 May committee and made with local clay.

About Zakka Stories

The Product Chronicles is an initiative of Zakka Stories. With her studio Zakka Stories, Lisa Hardon curates exhibitions, writes texts or organizes projects about seeing the beauty and meaning in everyday objects and products. In her work she investigates the value and meaning of design and how value and meaning can be designed.
Hallenweg area, Atelier NL, Bergmannstraat 76 , Map No. E2
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
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