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(Archive) Bouwen aan de Bibliotheek van de Toekomst

Designing the Future Library powered by young minds in Brainport

This project was part of DDW 2023
Students cocreating on new concepts future library

15-25-year-olds shape the Library of the Future together with 8 libraries in the Brainport region. Concepts and minimal viable products redefine offerings of active reading, connecting and societal participation. Driven by young innovators who explore, design, build, test, learn, and iterate.

AI and Book Discovery

Incorporating AI, especially ChatGPT, in book recommendations. Join us for an insightful session on AI's role in discovering your next read. Hosted in partnership with JADS MKB Datalab.

Delve into the captivating world of AI, with a special focus on ChatGPT, and its potential role in guiding your next literary adventure. Join us to find out how AI-driven algorithms can curate personalized book recommendations, tailored to unique tastes and interests.

Learn how we try to leverage some of the AI-powered magic and engage with us in thought-provoking conversations about the ever-evolving landscape of book discovery.
Come uncover the synergy between cutting-edge technology and the timeless joy of finding your perfect read with us.

School-Library Synergy

Collaborating between schools and libraries to enhance services. Explore our sessions highlighting how libraries and educational institutions unite to serve young customers better.

Imagine the dynamic harmony between educational institutions and libraries, where young patrons' needs are met seamlessly and creatively. In an interactive session, we focus on solutions aimed at powering the collaboration between schools and libraries, a partnership that endeavors to craft a holistic and enriching learning experience.

We share value propositions that foster the love of reading and help find your way as an adult citizen in Dutch society.

Concept Showcase

Experience diverse concepts: from app 'Bieb in je Broekzak' to innovative library spaces. Discover ideas for pop-up libraries and mobile versions, embracing customer needs and public service.

Tickle your imagination as we share an array of concepts that redefine library experiences and share how we aim to make a real difference with our test-driven development methods.

Test the "Bieb in je Broekzak" app, share your feedback on concepts that reimagine physical library spaces as dynamic hubs of community interaction, such as pop-up libraries and learn about our social and technological innovation process. Discover how innovative ideas are not just shaping the library of tomorrow but are also fostering a sense of inclusivity, connectivity, and engagement among all ages.

At DDW, we present a blend of physical displays, interactive experiences in our Pop-up Library bus, digital presentations, and workshops. We want to inspire, inform, and engage visitors while emphasizing our design approach. Our DDW exhibit is not an endpoint but an evolving entity shaped by interaction. Visitors' active participation and feedback influence the library's future design.

Students developing AI based book recommendation

Roadshow new concepts in popup future library