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The House Is a Marionette

Formed by a chain of external forces, if the house is a marionette, who should pull the strings?

A marionette

The marionette house explores the boundaries between a human and an object: a re-humanization of the (non-)still life. A collection of awareness-oriented, instead of function-oriented, speculative furniture, challenges the cause and effect between the body and its immediate habitat.

What is human - If objects came to life

Blurring the line between a human and an object, the furniture responds, changes, moves, and activates one another and the space, following the human who uses them. They fit, cater, and care for her.

A bed hugs the body in response to the movements of a restless night and opens the shutters in the morning to allow soft light to come in. A bath fills and lifts a rug that becomes a partition wall, creating a temporary semi-isolated sanctuary. A dining table stretches and transforms from a table for two to a table for many that can host guests, only when the laundry is hung. A roof contracts and creates an enclosed refuge, allowing a south-facing warm seat to emerge that comforts the body and separates the space into a place of one’s own.

This carrier bag of a house, that could hold different stories and different moments, is formed from within. Within its objects and its habitants. The house is no longer the familiar marionette, formed by a chain of external forces, it is formed and continues to reform by whoever lives in it.

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About Maya Factor

Maya Factor explores narratives through design using diverse media. Her work engages with the relationship between the individual/collective body and its space, both reflective and physical. She tests the idea of a human within still life and vice versa. Maya investigates through making, using hand and digital crafts.

Based in London and originally from Tel Aviv, Maya Factor attended the Architectural Association in London (AA BArch 2023) and currently works at 6a architects.

A facade

A table

A house

Hallenweg area, De Fabriek, Baarsstraat 38 , Map No. E3
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