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(Archive) BEADS connect to play, play to connect

This project was part of DDW 2023
Rinske van den Heuvel

This project consists of a playing field and a big collection of colorful beads in different shapes, sizes and materials. People are invited to assemble their own necklace in a playful way. They do this together with others and connect with them by talking about fun, happiness and by playing.


When was the last time you played like a kid?
Playing as an adult is super valuable, according to various scientific research. You become better at solving problems and your stress levels lower. It helps you to adapt to the changing world around you. Playing is training for the unexpected.

Building blocks

When we grow up, we tend to forget the joy it brings. This project consists of hundreds of ceramic and plastic beads in various colors, shapes and sizes. They function as building blocks to create necklaces by threading them to a string. At a table, that is a playing field and a conversation starter in one, the threading takes place.

Making fun

Using special playing cards with questions, two to six players can make a necklace at the same time. The questions challenge the participants to play in different ways and to talk about playfulness, happiness and fun. While they connect the beads, they connect to each other as well. After this experience, the joy, playfulness, and connection with others spread itself when the necklaces are worn. The beads remind the wearer and its surrounding to play more, laugh more and have more fun in life. Connect to play, play to connect!

Rinske van den Heuvel

Rinske van den Heuvel

Rinske van den Heuvel