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(Archive) Nature Deficit Disorder

"Building" Health Awareness

This project was part of DDW 2023
Nature Deficit Disorder — © Robert Akerboom

Modernistic visual aesthetics and economic efficiencies aspire to erase all other sensory stimuli. Quakes ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ project is about experiencing Immersive Exuberance on all our senses. Technology to enhance our connection to nature, climate and other people not to exclude them.

Be aware

The unavoidable reality of Climate Change is hitting our communal awareness.
While we may not be able to entirely evade it, we possess the capacity to mitigate its effects. This can be achieved through conscientious efforts to minimize our carbon footprint. Equally crucial, if not more so, is our readiness to confront the repercussions of climate change.
Whilst this sounds gloomy, we believe it could actually open up our awareness to a world that we separated ourselves from increasingly in the last century. The world around us; which with large windows in modernistic buildings we have flattened to just an image. All this for perceived short term comfort and control; the exclusion of the unexpected.
Separating ourselves from our natural environment comes at huge costs; ecological (Climate Change), mental (Stress) and physical (Obesity).
The "Nature Deficit Disorder" Exhibition invites you to reconsider the intricate balance between our built environment and our holistic well-being. Join us in reimagining a future where architecture harmonizes with nature, nurturing our minds, bodies, and the world we inhabit.


Living on a campsite, a city created around children playing in the mud just barely allowing adults to move around let alone cars. Houses we're in only to take shelter when it’s really unbearable outside. Waking up well rested, without stress and in good shape. Growing old healthy, active in life and society. Imagine all this and then wonder why if we can have all of this we choose not to.
Imagine the sun is your clock, not a Rolex. Imagine the car you share is for transportation, not for status, and suddenly you know why. Now try and imagine how we can change this and like us you'll get stuck; stuck in that we can’t change it. And you're right, but we can change ourselves, not instantly, not revolutionary, but we can imagine learning to appreciate life, not its derivatives. Of all the things we want; only time and time only is limited.
Let's imagine real hedonism; the maximization of our own happiness - we do not believe we need less, we thoroughly believe we need more. More time to enjoy life, more real experiences, more interaction, particularly with the unknown, the unexpected, in essence; with risk.
If you can imagine this, go back and try and live life like we used to.


The boring, static environment we have created for ourselves in less than a century. Experience how much more exhilarating life can be when we use technology as an intermediary between us and our environment, not as a separator. Experience how reconnecting our other senses to the space we're in amplifies the impact of the space. Experience hearing your children play in the garden, or the first floor. Experience smelling flowers even in-house. Experience dynamic, immersive environments not created as an image but for you to live in. Now you have experienced how buildings can enhance and not suppress living. Now you have imagined how it makes you happier and healthier now and in the future. Now you are aware that this better life is the only way we can grow with less. Maybe we cannot even stop the impact of climate change anymore, but just maybe we can learn to deal with it.
The "Natural Deficit Disorder" Exhibition beckons you to explore the dynamic dance between architecture, nature, and human flourishing. Join us on a journey of awareness, imagination, and firsthand experience, as we together reshape our built environment into a thriving testament to harmony and sustainability.