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Follow Arco, CS Rugs, Gelderland, Label van den Berg, Lande Family and Leolux on their way to a more sustainable living environment.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Krachtenveld van ambities, uitdagingen & innovatie — © Overtreders W

During DDW23, six renowned Dutch furniture companies put their cards on the table. Follow Arco, CS Rugs, Gelderland, Label van den Berg, Lande Family and Leolux as they join forces to make our living environment more sustainable. Think along in a force field of ambitions, challenges and innovation.

New collaboration

This edition of Dutch Design Week marks the starting point of a new collaboration in the Dutch furniture industry. Six renowned furniture companies, all producing in the Netherlands, are taking joint responsibility to achieve an ambitious goal: making our living environment more sustainable. Arco, CS Rugs, Gelderland, Label van den Berg, Lande Family and Leolux are teaming up openly to find solutions to the complex issues all brands face. Transparency and cooperation are essential in this search.


Sustainability is a broad concept that becomes concrete for these six brands in many different ways. Examples include guaranteeing and verifying the origin of materials and the generation and responsible use of energy. But also local production, short chains and an eye for the quality of materials and labour. In all these disciplines, sustainability is no longer a 'nice to have' but an essential factor. And now that these companies are opening their doors to each other and to the public, the transparency and willpower to shape the turnaround that is needed are emerging together.


The companies in this collaboration have often been around for decades; sometimes even more than a hundred years. Craftsmanship and innovation have brought them where they are today. The future always consisted of the next generation. But today's problems call for a look beyond. That is why the six companies are embarking on this collaboration. But there is also a role for other stakeholders. Consumers, suppliers, governments, knowledge institutes and anyone else who can serve the greater cause are invited to follow this journey together.