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(Archive) Exploring Posthumanist Design through Making

The workshop in which you can explore how to DO to make more-than-human or posthuman design.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Felted coat made following posthumanist principles

Posthumanist and more-than-human design want to stop focussing on just the human, and include also every non-human in designing, to design more sustainably. But how does one do this? Join me in the 45 minute workshop in which we cover practical posthuman-design methods to apply to your practice.

Posthumanist and More-Than-Human

Imagine if we were to design more in touch with the world around us. By doing so, we could actively challenge our current unsustainable and consumption-driven patterns. This is where posthumanist design, or more-than-human design, comes in. Rather than prioritising human needs above all else, this approach asks a compelling question: what if our design ethos placed the well-being of the entire ecosystem first? This includes not only humans but also animals, plants, materials, and even insects.
The philosophy of posthumanist design encourages us to adopt a holistic standpoint, fundamentally altering how we practice design. In this perspective, products and humans are not isolated entities, but interconnected components of the larger system that is our world. By embracing this inclusive mindset, we can move towards creating products that work in harmony with the diverse web of life, fostering sustainability and resilience in ways that were previously unexplored.

The Workshop

The theory is present, but how do we put it into action? This is what I explored during my graduation from Industrial Design @TU/e. In a 45-minute workshop, we'll explore the three techniques which for me made the difference between designing for humans, and designing for the world. They are derived from prof. Ron Wakkary's posthumanist design approach, and will be discussed via a fun and accessible hands-on activity I explored in my graduation: wool dry felting (no experience needed!). While creating and designing, we'll discuss these techniques, allowing you to witness the theories in action and enabling you to implement them in your own work as soon as tomorrow! And even if you don't consider yourself a designer right now, you can still join in, create, and contemplate innovative ways to contribute to a more sustainable and improved world.

Workshop dates: 21 - 24 - 28 - 29 October, starting at 13:30.
Location: theatre space @ Eindhoven library.
Not bale to make it? Please visit the exhibition at the beginning of the library.

Hope to see you there!

Dry felting