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(Archive) 100% WOOL

Innovative garments and accessories made in 100% wool

This project was part of DDW 2023
"MONO Lineup" Collection Leïla, 2023 — © Zoé Chauvet (@zochauvet)

MONO is a fashion and textile research project based in Paris and Eindhoven. In order to facilitate the recyclability of the garments, the collective proposes mono-material fashion products made in 100% wool.


Textile recycling is a complex process due to the presence of mixed fibres and plastic and metal components. Mono-material products avoid having to separate materials before recycling them.
Making products out of 100% wool material makes them meet the demands of the recycling industry and easily recycled on a larger scale.


Wool is a natural and biodegradable material, with thermoregulatory properties. Crafting with wool offers many opportunities to create new textile products, especially through mechanical processing techniques like fastening by needling, felting, cutting and shredding wool.

"Laine de demain" Look on Esther ,2022 — © Baptiste Gault (@baptiste_gault)

« MONO sac rond » ollection Leïla, 2023 — © Zoé Chauvet (@zochauvet)

"MONO x Ullforum" residency in Sweden, 2023 — © Elna Aurand (@elna.aurand)

"MONO x Ullforum" residency in Sweden, 2023 — © Elna Aurand (@elna.aurand)