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(Archive) Evolving Harmony – intertwining Hope and Design

Group Exhibition, curated by Annemoon Geurts

This project was part of DDW 2023
Kazerne Expo: Grietje Schepers, Ori Orisun Merhav — © Ralph Roelse

Featuring 2000m2 of recent work by both emerging and established designers, labels, and manufacturers (like Lidewij Edelkoort, Kyran Knauf, Ori Orisun Merhav, Isaac Monté, Lucas Zito), Kazerne once again will be packed with leading design. Come to eat, come to drink or even sleep and get inspired!

The transformation from a parasitic into a sustainable society is extremely complex. In the exhibition Evolving Harmony, Kazerne connects hope and the power of design in the challenge of causing as little damage as possible.
With an emphasis on responsible use of local raw materials, mono-materials, residual flows and recycling, attention is paid to the entanglement of everything and everyone, old crafts, parallel perspectives and pace.

From a critical standpoint, also towards ourselves, we recognize the struggle in excluding poisons and fossil fuels, but we also argue for more radical choices. Away from linear and mono-thinking and acting. As even when we take a more humble position, with nature as an ally, we can continue to create and consume. Harmony between people and nature offers hope and inspiration to pick up pace to address the challenges of our time. With heart and head.

Perhaps more than ever, art and design have the task of connecting and proposing alternative scenarios. Through the work of Svenja Bremen & Laura Dieckwisch, Rollo Bryant, Jeffrey Cats and Bo Vesseur (Jo Studio), Converse Architects, Miles Le Gras, Petra Janssen (Studio Boot), Fenna van der Klei, Kyran Knauf, Nanette de Kool, Ekaterina & Valery Kutznetsov (Decorkuznetsov studio), Sun Lee, Miao Li, Mikki Mann (FE studio), Ori Orisun Merhave, Isaac Monté, Henrieke Neumeyer, Grietje Scheepers, Selyn Textiles, Giulia Toneguzzo, Vaderland, Pepe Triginer Valentini, VanTot, Venusian Kitchen, Bo Vesseur, Weeef by EE Lables, Lucas Zito & Marwane Soumer (Studio Récré) and more Kazerne calls for participation from various perspectives and specialisms to work together to create hopeful examples.

Kazerne Expo: Sun Lee, Studio Recré, Studio Rollo — © Ralph Roelse

Kazerne Expo: Studio VanTot — © Ruud Balk