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(Archive) Shepherd curtains: 100% wool

Not just any curtains.

This project was part of DDW 2023
A House of Happiness @DDW2023

The European market leader in sustainable curtains Royal Vriesco | A House of Happiness introduces curtains made of 100% wool. A natural and renewable material. A sneakpeak of our collection to be presented in January 2024.

Shepherd curtains 100% wool

At the DDW, we Royal Vriesco | A House of Happiness, present the development of 100% wool curtains. An innovation in sustainable window textiles. Wool is a naturally renewable resource and therefore contributes to reduced environmental impact. Besides being a naturally sustainable material, wool has many advantages as a raw material, such as being flame-retardant and insulating from the fibre. With its unique look, colours and textures, wool is perfect for creating an exceptional curtain.

The language of wool

The language of wool is unique. Wool embraces you and soothes its surroundings. You want to let wool pass through your hands. Wool brings tranquillity. Wool is unique as a raw material. The transformation into a curtain made of 100% wool is an innovative new application to integrate these warm elements into the interior.

Not just any curtains.

At Royal Vriesco | A House of Happiness, we never underestimate the power of a good curtain. We aim for quality, sustainability, and innovation. This innovative character is reflected, among other things, in the introduction of curtains made of 100% wool. As a natural material, it is naturally degradable and environmentally friendly. As the market leader in sustainable window textiles, this is where we take the next step. Not just any curtains.

Royal Vriesco Projects @DDW2023