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Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations

(Archive) the Value of a Material World

Paradigm Print Shift

This project was part of DDW 2023
Crop Glitchia - Digi-print Goddess — © Viola Renate

Alter-dimensional artist transcends her electronic compositions beyond the confines and transience of the digital realm into during tangible life-size décor pieces.

Glitchia - Digi-print Goddess

Wall Candy
Dimensions: 80x40 CM
Material: Contour-cut, laquered Betula pubescens mounted digi-print, lacquer finish.

My name is Glitchia, the guardian VR goddess. I embody the core principles of preserving digital art by transforming abstract digital information into tangible enduring forms. I negotiate with the vulnerabilities of the transient digital realm, acknowledging the satisfaction of the physique and emphasise the natural forces of supervision. I stand for ethereal décor and articulate cosmic spacial energies, liberated from the boundaries and crashes of the LCD screen, reinstalling the living space. Available in various models, tonalities and sizes.

Glitchia, VR Print Décor - Wall Candy — © Viola Renate

VR dials into the Glitchia Digi-print Goddess. — © Film still by D. G. M.

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Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations

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Andere deelnemers

Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations