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(Archive) Nabad

An alternative of space for contemplation with natural and biobased interiors who evokes connection with nature and each other.

This project was part of DDW 2023
nabad 0304 bench

Biodesigner Marijke Jans designs a alternative and inclusive space for contemplation who recognizes the universal nature of grief. The space invites people of all backgrounds to sit together and connect or remember. Nature and biobased design are central elements.


Inspired by Stonehenge, Nabad is a well thought out interaction between biobased furniture and natural materials like plants, grass and earth who evoke serenity and beauty. The space leads visitors via a path into the middle of the room where biobased benches have a circular set up that provokes connection and refers to unity and the endless circle of life.
By bringing nature inside, Nabad provides an solution to weather conditions that prevents one from contemplation outdoors.

Biobased furniture

Marijke Jans creates objects and furniture made from spent coffee grounds. Our favorite hot beverage provokes connection between people and provides soulace also in difficult moments.
The Nabad bench 0304 and Nabad table 0301 made from coffee grounds and burned wood show a unique texture and tactility.

Ready for the future

Nabad is made to fulfill the needs of an ever changing inclusive society, where moments of silence and contemplation are essential for promoting harmony and a compassionate society.
Multicultural societies and ongoing secularization ask for a new view on space for grief. Spaces that aren’t connected with religion, but where connection with people and nature have the most central place.
All materials are detachable and suited for reuse in other spaces or cities, even as a pop up variant where spaces that are currently not used can fulfill a temporary space of silence.


Nabad 0301

Nabad 0304

Nabad rendering