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This session is for everyone interested in Designing for empathy as a value and power to improve quality of life and working towards an equal society.

What if:SimonDogger@MUHybridArtHouse — © Boudewijn Bollmann

InterCHANGES is a series of interactive events for, and by mission-driven people. It offers ongoing opportunities to share & co-create knowledge, while nurturing a safe space for long lasting relationships. Together with whom it must concern we address challenges and strive for a better future.

How to design for empathy at large?

Empathy helps you to understand the other’s perspective, to see another with their own emotions and challenges. If this brings us closer together then how can we utilize it’s quality when working towards a just and inclusive society? Could it increase trust in systemic, public services such as care? What about empathy for nature, as a possible essential means to a healthy approach of life?


Programme Wednesday 25 October
Moderated by Meis Suker and Tiara Spalburg.

17:30 | Doors open
18:00 | Keynote by
Cyan D’Anjou (sculpture artist and media creator)

18:15 | Q&A fueled by
Marleen van Bergeijk (Creative Lead WDE of Health)
Mayra Kapteijn (Het Verbond)

18:30 | InterCHANGES break-out sessions (*more info below)

Session I - Listening, talking, thinking. In-depth philosophical dialogue
Session II - Muzus Stretches: an introduction workshop into Muzus' Methods
Session III - Miro Mission Mindmapping with peers
Session IV - Changemaker Labs by Studio Futurall: building new forms of collaboration

19:30 | Reflective Pause

19:45 | Conclusions with the moderators of the break-out sessions
20:00 | End of Programme

*InterCHANGES break-out sessions I & II

Session I - Listening, talking, thinking. An in-depth philosophical dialogue.

Deepen your thoughts around entangled empathy matters by joining a conversation with Cyan, Marleen, Mayra, BNO Class of 23 Graduate Irin Vanitcharoenthum (Minerva - Whisper of the mind Sea Shell Reveries) and DDA Nominee Kuang Yi (Atlas of Queer Anatomy). Guided by moderators Meis en Tiara.

Session II - Muzus Stretches: an introduction workshop into Muzus' Methods that reach beyond.

What if you want to cultivate empathy in society? Then what can policy makers and researchers learn from Sanne and Neele Kistemakers’ social design practice and vice versa? Discover your potential plan of action to complex challenges with diverse stakeholders. By learning from this pioneer's best practices in societal transitions and social issues. Muzus is a Dutch Design Week 2023 Beacon.

*InterCHANGES break-out sessions III & IV

Session III - Miro Mission Mindmapping with peers.

Miro, together with partner Neat, sets up their latest version of a lifesize visual workspace for innovation. There, under the guidance of a Wessel van den Bos (Miro), Shay Raviv (Creative Lead WDE of Inclusive Society) hosts a realtime co-creation session. With Liesbeth Bonekamp en Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique). What are the lessons learned from their project Bubble Games? What do you think are the required first steps to take towards empowering the position and impact of Social Design for empathy?

Session IV - Changemaker Labs by Studio Futurall: building new forms of collaboration

How could citizens, caretakers, social workers, social designers and policy makers build and maintain basic trust in our future society? A workshop by Studio Futurall to find out what kind of changemaker you personally are and create a better understanding how to form more sustainable collaborations. A chance to meet people with similar missions, in diverse roles and different empathic approaches.

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