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(Archive) Introduction on DDW

Picture this. DDW invites you: come and open up, broaden your horizons, find each other and take action!

This project was part of DDW 2023
Wither 1m3 by Thijs Biersteker

Introduction on DDW is our opening exhibition that highlights the wide variety that design has to offer. The exhibition visualises this year’s theme Picture This, and the five missions of DDW. We have invited designers across all design perspectives to present work that brings the missions to life.


Challenging our digital future

Our digital realities and future are fully explored and influenced by designers, from virtual worlds to artificial intelligence and from global platforms to individual experience. These projects shed new light on digital technology, virtual and artificial worlds and look ahead at how these technological developments are changing our world.

"Xenofossils (2023)" by Erik Peters
"Silk Surveys" by Cypherloom
"Voices from the frontlines" by CLEVER*FRANKE
"I got consumed by the content I consume" by Elina Ersdorf


Achieving our equal society

To achieve an equal society, we must (re)design systems and interactions that value everyone equally. Safety, inclusivity and connection are central themes here. Below is a selection of the work to be showcased during DDW23. Projects that focus on how to interact with each other, with mindsets and methods that are aimed at developing a safe and connected society.

"Framed Intimacy foreword" by Bodil Ouédraogo
"Kamertijd" by Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken
"Archive of spatial knowledge" by Irakli Sabekia


Creating our living environment

Designing our living environment, mobility, and the materials we use to make them means shaping our own quality of life. The layout of our cities, public spaces, buildings, and mobility solutions has an enormous influence on the way we live together. Below is a selection of the work that will be showcased during DDW23. Projects in the fields of architecture, materials, the design of public space, living and working.

"Potentials for The Art of RAW by G-Star RAW" by Johanna Seelemann
"Design approach for social transitions" by Zeewaardig, Kickstad, City of Rotterdam
"Cortina E-Lett electric bike" by Cortina bikes
"Re-volve" by Gudmundur Ludvik for Arco


Boosting our health & wellbeing

Within the mission Boosting our HEALTH & WELLBEING, the future of our healthcare and a wide range of well-being aspects are addressed. Below you can see a selection of the work presented during DDW23. Designs focused on structurally improving our quality of life – from our food to healthcare and personal well-being – and contributing to the most valuable thing we have: our health.

"Soil Steams" by Serina Tarkhanian
"Smokefree living for all" by Muzus
"How does the ideal 10HA of productive landscape look like?" by Studio Bram de Vos


Enabling our thriving planet

For a healthy planet, designs must enhance, or at least not interfere with the natural power of the earth. Below is a selection of the work to be showcased during DDW23. Projects that focus on topics including agriculture, circularity, biobased construction, water, energy, eco-centred design, and material development.

"Designing for a green everyday" by House of Thol
"Wither 1m3" by Thijs Biersteker in collaboration with UNESCO
"The Regenerative Ruin" by Studio – Method