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(Archive) Reshaping Food

Experience a preferable future. Reconfiguring how we work and who we work with in the creation and distribution of food sustainably.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Reshaping food

Explore potential futures and join us in the conversation on having cities produce food for their citizens, turning waste into good and exploring new business partnerships.

Reshaping how food is brought to the world

We’re at a critical point in history. On the verge of system collapse. Or system transformation. It depends on how we view this crossroads. And how we choose to act.

We think a better future is possible where food is regenerative, delicious, resilient, transparent, connected and affordable for all. Despite the pressures of climate change and other nested challenges. It is a future where the food system is becoming aligned with what people, planet and society needs. It will be a future hard-won. Enabled by new breeds of multi-stakeholder partnerships and business ecosystems. Collaborations that create food system value while adapting to new conditions on the market. For society and on our planet.

Reshaping food invites you to imagine - and participate with - a preferable future. Within this experience we share stories of what could be if we reconfigure how we work and who we work with in the creation and distribution of food.

Every action matters. Collaboration will be key. Let’s set a better future in motion.