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Women and Design Talks

Trauma sensitive gynaecological research

Lotte Vergouwen

During this Women & Design Talk, Lotte will share her perspective on redesigning trauma-sensitive gynecological examinations based on her personal experiences and design background.

Trauma sensitive gynaecological research

Lotte has undergone more than 100 gynecological examinations due to abnormal Pap smear results, a fertility journey, and the chronic condition adenomyosis. Internal examinations are uncomfortable for anyone, but especially so with a traumatic background. These traumas can result from sexual violence, built-up tension, unpleasant or painful experiences, distressing outcomes, or boundaries that have been crossed.

With her designer's perspective Lotte examines her own and shared experiences to question how we can make these gyneacological examinations more trauma-sensitive. This is something that cannot be redesigned by one person alone but needs to be collectively and transdisciplinarily examined. It requires recognizing everyone's good intentions and paying attention to often unseen and unheard suffering.

24 Oktober from 15:30 -17:00

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About Lotte Vergouwen

Programme Leader HKU Creative Transformation Platform
Founder NoMo Retreats - retreats for women who cannot have or have not had children