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Door de kieren vervlogen

(Archive) Door de kieren vervlogen

An exploration of fragrant nostalgia

This project was part of DDW 2023
Film still 'Door de kieren vervlogen' — © Jip Schalkx

Through imagery and scent, Jip Schalkx and Louise Huyghe stir the viewers' nostalgia. Their installation sparks a sense of recognition and belonging, fostering a stronger sense of connection with cherished memories.

Importance of tenderness

The dominant future narrative often highlights technological advancements, efficiency, and productivity. While tenderness, intimacy, genuine connection & and physical interaction get lost in translation to the digital world.


Yet tenderness holds profound significance in our human experience. It envelops us in a world where sensitivity and empathy thrive, forging deep connections among individuals, and fostering an environment of compassion and understanding.


With “Door de kieren vervlogen,” a layer of intimacy, introspection and genuine connection is added to the digital medium, and thus highlights what is often overlooked.

Film still 'Door de kieren vervlogen' — © Jip Schalkx