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Illuminating Landscapes

Illuminating landscapes

Developer klimaatonderlegger and Augmented Reality

Landschapstegel Augmented Reality Breuk

The development from Augmented Reality as an enrichment for the carpet. In the Augmented Reality are system principles of the landscap visualized.

Translate klimaatonderlegger to Augmented Reality

The landscape is often visualized in a 2D map, such as the klimaatonderlegger. This is difficult for people with no trained eye to read maps to understand. By visualizing the principles of the landscape in 3D, people get an idea of ​​how the landscape works.

About Merianne van der Wielen

I am Merianne van der Wielen and have my own company called VCM Area Development. I also have a collaboration called Bureau Streekk. My goal is to convey the story of the landscape understandably to a diverse audience, because the landscape is often seen as complex.