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Illuminating Landscapes

Illuminating Landscapes

Developer of 3D animations and interactive Augmented Reality

The mission of eVRgreen Studio is rooted in a green future. With our serious games, we playfully encourage people to live more sustainably. Thanks to immersive technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, we visualize the changes of our earth.

Expand the 3D landscape with an animated and interactive experience in Augmented Reality

To date, landscapes have been depicted flat and static. Our translation to 3D and AR unlocks a new dimension to view the landscape from all angles. The addition of animation tells a story about the journey of water and how it plays a role in the identity of the landscape. With interaction, the user is actively informed and stimulated.

About Lindy Damen

Lindy is a curious creative with a passion for nature and technology.
Founder & CEO of eVRgreen Studio - provides gamified solutions for a sustainable society. From board game to VR experience, we are there to help you from A to Green.