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(Archive) Inter Scope

A reintroduction of early cinema decices into the twentieth first century

This project was part of DDW 2023

Blinking, Shutters, Breaks, Beats, Breaths and Pauses.
Essential to the rhythmical nature of life.
They allow humans to process information in structures manners.
Inspired by early cinema the shutter in film-projectors.

Inter-scope is a revival of early cinematic devices brought into the twenty-first century. The name

The Shutter is the dot that separates sentences and facilitates information processing. It's the blink of our eyes, the mechanism for perceiving the world, and the controlled light falling on a camera lens to capture an image. In cinema devices, it brings the magic of moving images to life. However, in the digital realm, these interruptions have become imperceptible. In the kinetoscope, every element was visible to the naked eye, from the film to the motor, the box, and the shutter – a stark contrast to our electronic devices, often concealing their inner workings. Our screens now deliver content in a seamless stream, with algorithms driving our interactions and responses, reducing humans to passive spectators.

On social media, the endless scroll evokes a sense of unperceivable visual blur, much like the early challenges of creating moving images. This digital landscape fosters a superficial, mindless scrolling experience, leaving users unable to recall the videos they watched mere seconds ago. Inter-scope, on the other hand, reintroduces the necessary interruptions for viewers to engage with and process the content found on platforms like TikTok

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Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations

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Andere deelnemers

Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations