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(Archive) Water Phenomena

A visualization of movements and the power of water.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Close-up 'Whirlpool'

The inspiration from water came from when I was doing shape and material research and found that a lot of my associations were connected to water and it’s movements. When broadening my research to water phenomena there were three that caught my eye.

Spring- and Neaptide

The first of the three phenomena was ‘Spring- and Neaptide’ or ‘Spring- en Doodtij’. I was truly amazed by the transformation between tranquil and fierce our seas make multiple times a day. Not only this, but the abstract way the water is moved as well as the push and pull from the seas come from the magnetic pull of the moon.

This in turn made me want to try something I had never done before, make a transforming piece of clothing. Would I be able to capture this transformation in only one dress?

The design of the piece eventually started with the fierce nature of springtide. It took a fuller shape with a darker colour to represent the powerful rolling waves. When the transformation was completed the tranquil feeling of neaptide was represented by a lighter colour and straighter lines. As well as showing more skin as if the water would be pulling away from the beach.


When creating the second piece; ‘Estuary’ or ‘Estuaria’, I used a mockup design I had made while doing my shape and material research. Two dresses connected by one long train would be the perfect image to show these two things that connect to become one.

An estuary is a place where sweet and salt water connect with one another. This creates either a sharp border between the two or a soft colour gradient.

In order to capture both the connection and the difference between sweet and salt water I made the decision to hand dye the entire dress. This way I could keep the train in one piece and have the colour gradient between the two dresses. Making them different but also connected.


For the third and final dress I worked on a design that wasn’t originally part of this project as I felt it was beyond my skillset. However, it kept calling to me so I decided to take it on anyway. The ‘Whirlpool’ or ‘Draaikolk’ design would include a high neckline that would go beyond the chin and would be entirely covered in spiraling pleats.

A whirlpool is a downwards, rotating body of water that is created by opposite currents. I wanted to make it look as if my model was caught in one of these whirlpools.

That’s why I made it wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom and in order to create depth I dyed the dress darker towards the bottom. The dress had to look as i fit was swallowing her up.

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Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations

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Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations