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Embassy of Health

(Archive) iCare (because you do)

Interviews with stakeholders of a fictitious private clinic in the year 2034

This project was part of DDW 2023
Collage of video stills from the installation — © Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Máxima MC and Fontys Fontys Centre of Expertise Health have commissioned Hendrik-Jan Grievink to visualise what it means when healthcare becomes both more personal and impersonal at the same time, by the application of artificial intelligence.

The scenario

It’s 2034. Population aging in the Netherlands has reached its peak. E-health has become a societal reality: many Dutch general practitioners have been replaced by sophisticated chatbots and artificial intelligence is deployed in all aspects of healthcare. Commercial healthcare company iCare focuses on technologically advanced healthcare services that are tailored, seamlessly and wirelessly, to the personal needs of patients.

The installation

In this installation, actors bring the above (fictional) scenario to life. As a doctor, nurse, iPatient, chatbot and a family caregiver, they share their dreams, fears and desires, each from their own perspective. The actors improvise based on prompts inspired by quotes from newspaper articles and input from stakeholders in the network of Máxima MC and Fontys Centre of Expertise Health. The stories invite us to reflect on the role of artificial intelligence within healthcare: what does it mean when care becomes both more personal and impersonal at the same time?

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Embassy of Health

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Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Health