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Embassy of Health

(Archive) Organic Social Capital: for a flourishing life.

What if we were to give more to nature than we take from it?

This project was part of DDW 2023

Organic Social Capital (OSC) introduces a speculative concept of a
society in which our social status depends on our care and commitment
to nature.

Care over consumption.

Similar to traditional metrics such as GDP, OSC measures
and compares what people's output, but now it emphasizes care, nurture and
community health over economics.

The goal is to examine what would happen if we gave more to nature
than we took from it. Where capitalism focuses on money, OSC shifts
the focus to the often invisible labour of care. It emphasises the
important role that care, and caregiving play in maintaining a healthy
environment (umwelt) for nature and society.

This way, D’Anjou hopes to show how strongly our ability to invest in
care and nurture is linked to our societal health and our understanding
of personal and professional value.

Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Health

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Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Health