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Embassy of Health

(Archive) Being - a journey within

An invitation to reconnect with your own body.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Kidneys — © Britt Roelse

How do you learn to trust your body when regular care turns out to be a consumer good? With this work, Britt Roelse not only creates an ode to the body; Being - a journey within is an invitation to the viewer to reconnect with our own body.

From consumption to healing

Regular healthcare has become a commodity, and an overburdened one at that. We buy healthcare and willingly transfer the responsibility for our bodies to others. Where does this come from? And what if we ourselves had more knowledge about our bodies? If we learned to harness our own healing abilities and the power of our bodies?

Surrender and making connections

In 2021, Roelse experienced the severe effects of COVID-19, which eventually resulted in Long Covid. The low point came when her body could no longer function, and she surrendered to mortality. A turning point: listening to her body proved crucial for recovery: "My body no longer serves me; I serve my body."

With this work, Roelse shows not just the function, but the power and energy of our organs. She invites us to take a deep journey into our own bodies and encourages us to reflect on the fascinating role of self-care.

Funding for research

When selling art from this series, 20% of the proceeds will go to various foundations such as the Foundation Long Covid, the Kidney Foundation, the Heart Foundation, the Stomach-Liver-Intestine Foundation, and the Brain Foundation. This is to further stimulate research into Long Covid.

Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Health

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Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Health